Yorkshire and the Humber

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Current seats Entitlement Change
South Yorkshire 14 12.80 -1
Humberside 10 8.80 -1
North Yorkshire 8 7.96
West Yorkshire 22 20.37 -2
YORKSHIRE & H 54 50 -4


  • South Yorkshire loses a seat.
  • Humberside loses a seat
  • West Yorkshire loses two seats (one from the Bradford area, one from the Leeds-Wakefield area) and probably donates some territory around Hemsworth to a South Yorkshire based constituency.

The Humberside seat to be dismantled entirely is probably Brigg & Goole (Andrew Percy) – although the consequences would probably flip Scunthorpe to the Tories and create a new safe seat of Brigg in a radical set of changes south of the Humber. David Davis is another possible casualty as the largest piece of his seat would be pitched in with the Goole remnant of Brigg & Goole.

In South Yorkshire there are no very obvious candidates for abolition; possibly Labour-held Penistone & Stocksbridge, although the knock-on consequences could radically alter and perhaps flip to Labour Nick Clegg’s seat in Sheffield Hallam. It never rains but it pours.

Both Bradford and Leeds will have some unfamiliar looking seats, with the possibility of the current Conservative held marginal of Morley & Outwood (ex Ed Balls) vanishing from the map, along with – probably – another of the small gang of Lib Dem MPs Greg Mulholland in Leeds North West and probably the irregularly shaped Tory marginal of Pudsey. There are probably not sufficient Conservative votes in Bradford to sustain their two current holdings of Keighley and Shipley, setting up a possible clash between Kris Hopkins (Keighley, minister) and Philip Davies (Shipley, right wing rebel).



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  1. As a 600-member HoC would give Sheffield an entitlement to 5.0 seats, I think the cross-border Penistone & Stocksbridge would be an obvious seat to vanish with Sheffield containing a whole number of seats as before 2010. Of course, this is assuming the BC allow the two split wards this would require. Also, if they are in any way sane, they would allow the wards that come into use in May 2016 to be used by tacitly ignoring lines that split the wards on the December 2015 register. Otherwise, we’ll have another set non-coterminal boundaries, but this time probably for 20+ years instead of just 2004-2010.

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