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Current seats Entitlement Change
East London 15 15.11
North London 29 27.04 -2
South London 29 27.44 -1
LONDON 73 70 -3


The incomplete boundary review of 2011-13 using these rules produced some of its most bizarre results in London, with boroughs such as Lambeth being fragmented with small parts being placed in an array of neighbouring seats. It is unlikely to be any more coherent this time. It is beyond the scope of the current research to produce viable options in London.


  • Several central London seats (Westminster North, Cities of London & Westminster, Chelsea & Fulham, Kensington) have low recorded electorates, almost entirely because of low registration levels. It is likely that a seat will disappear from this area.
  • The other north London seat to go could be anywhere, but it is probably somewhere in the Ealing/ Hillingdon/ Harrow area. One possibility would be to pitch Boris Johnson in with left-wing Labour MP John McDonnell, which would make an entertaining contest.
  • The poor old Lib Dems could get clobbered again. Their remaining seat of Carshalton & Wallington will have to change and could end up being abolished or severely disrupted and flipped to the Conservatives because rather few of the south London seats in the area are the right size.

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