Battleground Briefing

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Battleground Briefing

Forty years ago this month, Harold Wilson led Labour back to power and ejected Edward Heath from Downing Street.

It was hardly a resounding victory: Labour won fewer votes but a handful more seats than the Tories, and Wilson was 17 seats short of a majority, forcing him to call a second general election only eight months later. Nonetheless, it was a historic one: there is not a single other example in the last 80 years of a new government being ejected from office after a single term.

So, while the general elections of 1945, 1979 and 1997 are rightly deemed to be milestones in postwar British political history, if Ed Miliband leads Labour to victory in 2015, that achievement will instantly earn itself a place in the history books.

The Progress Battleground Briefing profiles the 106 seats on Labour’s target list and maps the party’s path to power. It is part of Progress’ Campaign for a Labour Majority, launched last May. That campaign is both optimistic and ambitious for Labour, while realistic about the challenges the party faces.

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